October is Self-Defense Month for Women

As reported by WWJ-TV 62 Detroit:


October is Self-Defense Month for Women

Women can succeed in the martial art of Leung Ting WingTsun® kung-fu. Whether or not the ‘creation story’ of the martial art of Wing Tsun having been invented by a woman who taught her teenaged female student is true, the concepts and techniques of Wing Tsun make it possible for a much weaker person to defend themselves in an assault by a much larger, stronger assailant.

As taught today, many systems rely solely on strength and aggressive action and a mentality of ‘winning’ in a fight instead of surviving uninjured. This mentality is a necessity of a sporting contest as in ring fighting. This is not the case when attacked in real life when rules go out the window. Other systems that practice techniques which borrow the force of an attacker do not convey the practical realities of applying these theories to real life situations.

Wing Tsun is designed from the ground up as a survival system which has elements of more traditional Chinese kung-fu but without the lengthy, complicated forms and their emphasis on ‘performance.’

Wing Tsun utilizes the shortest distance between two points for striking and defending, the yielding skills to use an attacker’s force, the correct posture and confidence through repetition and partner-practice training.

Just the same, in order to be effective, a defender has to develop basic skills for balance, dexterity, sufficient power, tactile senses, and awareness. That is where Wing Tsun comes in.

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