Preconceived Ideas and Siu Nim Tau

The WingTsun™ form Siu Nim Tau is intended to teach a beginner to begin fresh and forget one’s preconceived ideas. The ideas include not only your high school gym class embarrassments, your yoga class, your basketball tryout bust, your karate classes, your winning year in soccer, your power lifting successes but also your preconceived ideas as to your true abilities, good or bad.

In a WingTsun class, you start with a fresh mind. This is real physics, real science. It is not magic, religion, or politics. The minute you start making a judgment about another’s technique, you get a surprise. Never underestimate another person’s abilities. Even their clumsiness can upset your perfect technique. Therefore you operate in the moment – what is actually happening now. Not what you think might happen in the next nanosecond (no ESP in WT) or your regret about a mistake you might have made. WingTsun has redundancy.

It is important because WingTsun is completely different from other martial art styles. It runs contrary to other ideas about strength and its approach to self-defense. It uses other’s mistakes, both mental and physical against them. Consequently the learner might recognize these things in his or herself. In one’s practice in class, one has to correct these things in themselves to defend. Some tendencies include tension in the course of using strength to overcome an attacker. One must develop the skill and mind-set unrelated to strength or resisting against strength but instead, using your opponent’s strength. Other tendencies include fear, anger, or pride in the act of self defense. These things all hinder your ability to defend. WingTsun training is the answer to correct these tendencies.

Siu Nim Tau is the meditation to begin a practice session. Clear your mind for the training.

– Sifu Keith Sonnenberg