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Self Defense Against Punches, Kicks, Grabs are all Addressed

Self Defense Against Punches, Kicks, and Grabs are all Addressed

Our classes in Wing Tsun™ kung-fu cover all types of attacks. Self defense against punches, kicks, grabs, are all addressed. Wing Tsun addresses five different ranges: kicking, punching, elbows-knees, anti-grappling, and ground. Our special topics classes emphasis certain categories of attacks such as weapons and grappling attacks in order to give students more time and focus on the topic of the month. Students learn how the Wing Tsun ideas are applied in actual situations, in timing, power, neutralizing attacker’s force, footwork and each and every technical and emotional aspect.

Although Wing Tsun is considered a soft or ‘internal’ kung-fu system, Wing Tsun also has certain strength-building drills. Actually Wing Tsun is a set of very intelligent ideas that are applicable even with the techniques of other styles of martial arts!

Wing Tsun is not a random set of drills and contradictory concepts as with some schools that attempt to teach different styles that do not fit together well. The entire system fits together as a well-thought out method of self-defense should. It has been adapted for the human body through 300 years of development.

Unlike some of today’s martial arts schools, Wing Tsun Arizona Self Defense Martial Art is not just all about fighting and dwelling on violence. Wing Tsun techniques just so-happen to enhance health and fitness. It is based on three forms and a set of techniques performed wooden dummy at the most advanced instructor Levels. Unless you are already a trained athlete, you will get your wind and stamina challenged and your joints made flexible. Even if you are a trained athlete you will challenge muscles that we guarantee you have not used before.

– Sifu Keith Sonnenberg