Self-Defense Classes

Wing Tsun Arizona offers one-hour self-defense classes of ten or more participants to charities, clubs, organizations, and school groups.

The class applies practical, efficient self-defense techniques, tactics and strategies in a way not used by other martial arts schools.


The one-hour class generally will consist of:
  • Introduction to Wing Tsun concepts of self-defense such as economical movements, straight lines in countering, using attacker’s own force against them.
  • Basic palm strikes, punches, low kicks
  • Use of palm sticks, key bobs
  • Avoidance, cautions, awareness of surroundings
The class does not require special clothing. In fact, Wing Tsun is expected to be used in normal street attire with comfortable shoes (not spike heels or flip flops). Athletic skills are not required. The location can be either your place of business or ours. If your group is interested in such a class or a longer course of instruction, please let us know.

Instructor Keith Sonnenberg contact info: 480-668-9220