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Students learn top notch self-defense skills

Students learn top notch self-defense skills

We first teach the foundation of great self defense skills. Footwork and basic hand skills that really work are taught early on.  They form the basis of the ability to stay on one’s feet if attacked, borrow an attacker’s force and move quickly out of the line of attack.

Unlike the other versions of Wing Chun coming from the Yip Man lineage, Leung Ting WingTsun® teaches applications on the ground as well as anti-grappling and applications against techniques from other fighting methods and weapons.  Unlike the other versions from the Yip Man lineage, Leung Ting WingTsun® teaches the footwork necessary to get out of the way of an attack and apply the concepts within the first few ranks. The realistic applications training is ongoing.

Because of the idea of simplicity, Leung Ting WingTsun® affords the beginner the realistic opportunity to become proficient at a whole kung fu system.  Many kung fu systems look great with acrobatics, high kicks and athletic skills needed to perform.  They might have 10 or even a great many more choreographed forms (kata in Japanese, hyung in Korean, kuen in Chinese) to learn which can over-take many a student’s ability in terms of time and commitment.

WingTsun™ has three empty hand forms which are the basis for all of its training in beginner, intermediate and advanced self-defense.  Beyond the third form are the wooden dummy techniques which are a set of movements often not categorized as a “form.”  It is a set of 116 movements done on a wooden dummy.  In the Technician Levels, two weapons are taught both in a form and application.  These are taught to impart advanced footwork skills, arm skills and for historical reasons.

In short, the most practical skills are taught first giving the beginner a realistic opportunity to learn a real kungfu system without having to go to the “mountain top” like the story of the originator, Buddhist Nun Ng Mui. According to legend, she climbed Mount Tai Leung to meditate on and develop her new kung fu system.

– Sifu Keith Sonnenberg