There are some excellent supplementary martial arts exercises in the book Wing Tsun Kuen. Get it. Read it. Regardless of how important the bloggers, the media, or the other Wing Chun instructors, the JKD instructors, etc. think arms are in terms of conditioning – and they ARE – the legs are MORE important. One good supplementary exercise for legs for Wing Tsun are the front thrusting kicks while lying on the ground and the kick is directed toward the ceiling at a 90-degree angle to the floor.

To warm up, do bicycling with both legs. Start with two sets of forty repetitions, 20 with each leg. Work up to 60, then 80. After the bicycles, stretch each leg and slowly work the hamstrings and ankles. Move the ankles forward and back for 10 reps each.

Now, when you feel your conditioning will handle it without getting very sore for days afterward, start your kicks. Work them like a piston hitting the air with your heel. Be careful not to flip the kick. Pretend you have a weight balanced on the sole of your feet and you dare not let it fall off.

Do 20 reps of front thrusting kicks each leg AFTER the above warm-up routine in paragraph two. Work up to 30, 40, then 50 each leg. Take care not to work up too fast, even if you feel you can easily do it. Just pace your progress a week at a time. Happy training!

-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg