surprise attacks

Surprise Attacks

Surprise attacks are perhaps the most feared personal situation. The obvious reason is fear  for lack of preparedness and training. Your attacker is waiting for your attention to lapse or waiting for you to be distracted. Surprise attacks can be most anything from an attacker to come at you from behind, from the side, while you are sitting down, while lying down, with a weapon and so on. Very little in sport martial art curriculums prepares you directly for this type of situation. At Wing Tsun Arizona, we have special topics classes where students learn how to apply the Wing Tsun concepts to real situations.

Wing Tsun is ideally suited for surprise attacks because, by concept, Wing Tsun is designed to be used immediately due to higher stances and the attention paid to not signaling one’s movements (telegraphing). It can be used in very tight spaces with ease. It is a close-range martial art by design.

The Leung Ting WingTsun® system teaches an evasive footwork regimen that not only builds leg strength and kicking but works toward this idea of being attacked by surprise. The footwork involves small turning movements and floor contact with the bottom of the foot as well as economical advancing steps. Couple this to close-range punching, extensive elbow and knee skills, low kicking skills and you have a self-defense system for surprise attacks that flexibly reacts to changing situations with sticky hands training.

-Keith Sonnenberg

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