A running argument on the internet goes something like this: Is Wing Chun practical? Wing Chun is no good in a street fight. MMA fights prove Wing Chun is not practical. False.

Possibly an individual that has the incorrect mindset is no good in a street fight. The art is above average and maybe the best for street self-defense.

MMA fights do not prove that a martial art lacks a practical application for the street since streets fights are totally unlike a ring fight that has rules, time-limits, limits on legal targets and techniques. Of course, any fighting practice prepares a student in certain areas of person-to-person combat.

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Wing Tsun Arizona will be offering special self-defense programs in the next few months in Gilbert, Arizona and surrounding communities. Stay tuned by subscribing to our updates and blogs by filling in the blanks at the bottom of the NEWS page.

Our Wing Tsun self-defense martial art system, a Wing Chun teaching method, is the most effective and efficient system, having been an off-shoot of the more complicated Shaolin martial arts. Our Grandmaster, Leung Ting, was a closed-door student of late grandmaster Yip Man.

We are part of a network of Wing Chun schools spanning the globe as part of the IWTA based in Hong Kong.

-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg

The difference between Wing Tsun and other martial arts is not always obvious. Many martial arts that come from a so-called Shaolin root have a basic set of movements called a “form” which is a pattern of hand movements and steps which might be compared to a dance. However, the techniques have fighting applications. The principals are normally how the style defends and attacks, how to get power, how to turn and fight and so on.

Wing Tsun does have a basic form called Siu Nim Tau. Its meaning is “Little Idea Form.” The techniques in the form teach very basic ideas such as the “Character Sun Thrusting Punch” and the three seed techniques, tan sau, fook sau and bong sau plus two more sections of techniques totaling 108 points.

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It might seem obvious that in order to train for self defense one should find the best self defense martial art. Of course this is only part of it. One must understand the concepts offered in your martial art of choice. Those who run martial arts schools say that their program or their martial art classes have a self-defense component. It may be true but what portion is really dedicated to the ultimate aim of self-defense and that would be to defend against common assaults? Tournament training are often a big portion of the training. Tournament training is yet another variation of fighting concepts and not at all what is needed to prepare for violent assaults in society.

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Martial Arts for Self Defense

Nearly all instructors say that their schools offer martial arts for self defense. It is usually in their list of activities and benefits but the inevitable emphasis and the way they remain a large scale business is to offer martial arts for competition, that is, for tournaments. Competition and martial arts together certainly offer character-building elements similar to other sports.

Martial arts for self defense such as Wing Tsun really do specialize in the idea of real time self defense abilities. Offered correctly, martial arts for self defense can be a fantastic way to gain confidence and at the same time, gaining coordination and overcoming fears. This is what motivates this writer – offering this kind of confidence to a student.

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Self Defense Against Punches, Kicks, and Grabs are all Addressed

Our classes in Wing Tsun™ kung-fu cover all types of attacks. Self defense against punches, kicks, grabs, are all addressed. Wing Tsun addresses five different ranges: kicking, punching, elbows-knees, anti-grappling, and ground. Our special topics classes emphasis certain categories of attacks such as weapons and grappling attacks in order to give students more time and focus on the topic of the month. Students learn how the Wing Tsun ideas are applied in actual situations, in timing, power, neutralizing attacker’s force, footwork and each and every technical and emotional aspect.

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Wing Tsun Theories of Self-Defense

The Wing Tsun theories of self-defense really are quite different than other commonly taught civilian martial arts, civilian courses or regimens in the military or para-military environments.

Even so, I still get new students who, after having heard me say this and then taking a few lessons, exclaim, “This really is different!”

Many a Wing Tsun, Wing Chun, or Ving Tsun (different spellings of what are considered to have come from the same root ) student and lay person has read and studied the story of the origins of Wing Tsun…

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Available Self Defense Skills

Regarding available self defense skills, Wing Tsun’s Grandmaster, Leung Ting, has said that WingTsun™ is not a ‘style’ but a system. All of the parts work together without contradiction. Carried further, Wing Tsun is a concept. It is a system not weighted down by thousands of techniques grouped together from several disciplines, the majority of which are unrelated as to concepts. They would be impossible to put together and used with any degree of speed or reliability. In a real self-defense situation, a defender has to react spontaneously according to the moment. There certainly is not any time to re-think that anti-grapple or that kick you just learned the way it was done in class. You have to react according to the concept rather than the choreography. After all, your attacker doesn’t know this movement and he doesn’t care! Self defense that is available is the most useful.

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WingTsun Simplicity in Self Defense

Instead of spending hour upon hour perfecting choreographed movements that have been organized into a sequence by an old society, WingTsun training moves on from the ABCs of movement (a form) to practice a drill, and then to practice a skill building exercise in order to learn how to defend.  Only a few hand and leg tools need be learned in order to adapt them to every conceivable self defense situation.  When a student’s mind becomes trapped into a complicated solution, we instructors teach the simplest way.  The simplest way is the way. In real life situations against real thugs, real criminals or even somebody you might trust, WingTsun is effective! It works!


WingTsun is Practical Self Defense

When we think of the word practical, what do we normally think of? Normally we consider how useful something is. If a car is a red, low-slung fast sports car with seating for two, we would not consider that to be practical. You cannot carry more than two people and certainly not the family. You cannot go to Home Depot and load it up with building supplies. It is much too small for that. It attracts a lot of attention, sometimes the wrong kind. You, the driver, get a ticket once in a while because it is so fast from a standing start.

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