From the first few Wing Tsun lessons, you learn to move both hands at the same time, doing different tasks. We know that if you try to defend first, then attack, it is much too late. Your opponent’s next attack is already on the way! It is completely unrealistic to consider the defend-then-attack scenario. We see this all the time in real fights. Quite often the combatants attack at the same time. Often, both miss in landing their first attacks.

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Defend and Attack

To defend and attack; these are basic ideas in martial arts and war.

WingTsun™ instructors are taught by the Grandmaster of our art, Leung Ting, that if attacked, avoidance measures are the best way to insure safety. If there is a chance to run away to safety, it is the best course of action.

However if forced to defend, many self-defense situations will have to involve a counter-attack by the defender. WingTsun teaches that, in defending, a defend-and-then-counter approach, in terms of the time factor is much too slow a response. It is completely unrealistic.

In fact in fights, even in non-contact tournaments, one never sees a block-then-defend approach. By the time you as our defender blocks a punch, for example, the opponent’s next attack is already on the way or even has already hit you! In WingTsun, however, simultaneous defense and offense is emphasized from early in the training.

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