Starting Saturday March 17 and every Saturday until April 7, you can learn Wing Tsun with other beginners for one-hour sessions, 10:00 am – 11:00 am. The location is at our school at 745 N. Gilbert Rd. #120, Gilbert, AZ 85234. Enroll at EventBrite : Beginner Kung-Fu Classes – Wing Tsun 

-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg


We start you, the new student, at the beginning of the Wing Tsun journey learning self-discipline, exercising the body from the inside out, and self-confidence. The beginning movement set is the first form called Siu Nim Tau. It is important that a new student learn the essence of this form first. Siu Nim Tau is translated as “Little Idea Form.” The contains the essential basics that form the rest of the system.

The things you learn later, all have a representative movement within Siu Nim Tau.

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In the first few martial arts defense movements one learns in Wing Tsun classes, it is not immediately apparent what the techniques could be used for. Wing Tsun kung-fu is like a car in that if one takes a mechanical part off the engine and show it to a student of auto mechanics, the student might not know how this helps to make the car run. This is because the car needs all the engine and drive train parts to make it run.

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Getting Over the Hump

The most difficult time is the beginning.  This is true in every athletic endeavor whether or not you are an athlete.

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