Learn basic form and correct breathing with training in Wing Tsun kung fu. The basic form, Siu Nim Tau has a breathing method which calms you. The slow movements create a calm demeanor and builds balance in the body by slowing things down, both mentally and physically.  This is a big advantage in our fast paced, computerized society. The Siu Nim Tau teaches the basic movements from which come the self-defense ideas and methods.  Once the movements are learned, the breathing can commence!

You can enhance your experience with the form by combining it with correct breathing:  First think of your upper body as a big vessel such as a jar.  Then imagine it being filled with water as you breath in through the nose.  Let your abdomen swell up first as though it were being filled with water.  This goes contrary to our cultural resistance to a ‘fat belly’ but this gives your abdominal wall some stretching and strengthening.  It also causes your diaphragm which is under the lungs, to drop down making more room for air in the lungs. This is part of a well-known diaphragm strengthening exercise. Then let the chest fill up with ‘water’ (air) so that your entire torso seems filled up.  After you draw air in, let it out slowly through the mouth. Repeat this breath cycle at least three times each time your hand moves in and out with the tan sau, fook sau and wu sau movements characteristic of the Siu Nim Tau form.  The breathing will serve to focus the mind, enhance your over-all health, contribute to breath-control during exercise and condition your respiration activity.

– Keith Sonnenberg, Sifu

A Fortune Cookie

Remember when the fortune cookies that we got after a meal at a Chinese restaurant had the silly sayings inside them and seemed to be meaningless entertainment?  I believe that most still are.  However I have had a recent run of good sayings inside these little deserts. 

The latest is:  “Attention is the mother of memory.”

How true this is.  If we want to remember something, we have to pay attention. All too often in this speeded-up culture we are not paying attention and we forget a lot. 

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“WingTsun will keep you grounded and that grounding doesn’t run dry after a couple years or even twenty years.  Americans need spiritual and ego grounding these days, perhaps more than anything else.”  – Defying the odds


WingTsun™ builds on your present abilities. Students have the opportunity to balance themselves inside and out with WingTsun training. In today’s world, we have numerous opportunities to lift weights, run the treadmill, jog and so on. WingTsun offers something different. WingTsun builds the physical core, teaches the student to use both hands and both feet at the same time (walk and chew gum), kick, punch, strike, throw, and use unique geometry and forces to defeat an attacker.  WingTsun is the specialist in self-defense but it does not ignore form. Form (kuen) is defined differently in WingTsun than in other martial arts. In the form Siu Nim Tau, a simple idea is taught together with simple breathing. Practice the breathing and be energized.