Long range, Close range, Hard force then Soft

WingTsun™ is taught in stages. The most direct techniques are taught first, applying the techniques of the first form, (the little idea form). When somebody attacks by throwing a short hook or grabbing your shirt or neck from the front, the straight punch while quickly stepping in is your first fighting lesson, closing in from a longer range to close range, right in his face. This, of course, is very basic. Practice results in developing timing and position so that an attacker cannot easily counter-attack. The punch and the forward stance are based on the first few movements of the first form. These movements are efficient and address very common attacks.

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What is Behind Wing Tsun’s Close Range Techniques?

Legend has it that Wing Tsun was invented by a woman named Ng Mui who later taught it to a female teenager named Yim Wing Tsun. There is some dispute among historians about this story. However the techniques give substantial evidence that it could be true. At every turn there is some technical reason to believe that a woman developed Wing Tsun. Only a woman would give such great consideration to design every technique to not clash with an attacker’s force, but rather to borrow the force. At no point does a Wing Tsun trainee have to lift, push, or otherwise resist an attack by direct force.

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Close range effectiveness

Wing Tsun™ can be compared to other arts in a different way.  That way is the distance at which we engage our attacker.  Wing Tsun is, by design, a very close  punching, striking and kicking martial art, much closer than other martial arts commonly taught all over the western world and on every street corner.  The repertoire of the close range methods and techniques in Wing Tsun is complete:  close-range low kicking and sweeping, knees, elbows, special close-range punching, striking and take downs.  In Wing Tsun we believe this is where the fight really exists.  Surviving an attack in this circumstance is the most important and where a lot of martial arts programs do not have the right stuff.

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