Interested in Wing Tsun training? Everybody wishes we could forget about this COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately it is still here and It looks like it will be with us for quite a while. During this time, in preparation for a re-opening, we have done a clean-up job on the school, are re-formulating our classes to build in social distancing, requiring face protection and cleanliness procedures, available hand sanitizers, etc. We will be checking temperatures at the door and new students are screened further.

In the meantime, we will be offering, for a limited time, one free Zoom lesson as a trial. To get a free trial lesson on Zoom, you first must sign our online waiver. The link is at the bottom of our home page under Popular Links or click HERE to bring you right to the page. You will get a copy of your signed waiver. To get Zoom meetings you should have a lap top with a screen of usable size to see the instructor’s movements. It must have a built in microphone and a web cam. Familiarize yourself with the Zoom software prior to class. You can download the Zoom software here: 

We are accepting new students in the next few weeks with a modified no-touch training during phase one.

Thank you.

Sifu Keith Sonnenberg

We check the COVID-19 Arizona infection rate often with the Arizona Department of Health Services web site.
When we open, we will have a few procedures in place.
Since early this month, some trends are downward.
Since Arizona just started weekend-only mass testing a short while ago, the statistics from the news media are confusing. Sometimes their fine print is clarifying. The AZDHC site is a better reference.

  • One is social distancing – six feet.
  • We will have the optional use of masks.
  • Another is the use of additional fans at one end of the training area.
  • We will be taking no-touch temperatures for new students and one time only for people starting back.
  • We will have a no-touch policy for this phase of re-opening with areas marked off for a student limit of seven people on the floor. There will be no sticky hands or fighting drills at first that involve a partner. Solo drills only.

Thank you,
-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg

      Most schools are taking steps to ward off any possible illness with antiseptic wipes, hand-sanitizers, sprays, and attention to simple measures like cleaning door knobs, handles, faucets, etc. We cannot know if a student has picked up a virus on a surface and so I have asked my students to use the hand-sanitizer at the entrance when you come into the school on your arms and hands. There is also one on my desk and another in the rest room. We have and use the antiseptic wipes to clean surfaces, doorknobs, etc. We need everybody’s help. even guests. Thank you for your attention!

Sifu Keith Sonnenberg