Back in August we talked about the many different versions of “Wing Chun” based mostly on ancient history prior to late Grandmaster Yip Man. Many of the forerunners of Yip Man must have had students who taught others. They passed what they knew onto their students the way they saw fit. It is easy to see how, in a country as large as China and how, in ancient times, with little communication, there could eventually be variations of Wing Chun.

Why then, do we see significant differences, even in the versions taught in the twentieth century in lineages from Yip Man?

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Review of Ip Man 2

January 23, 2013 –

Like the first Ip Man movie, it took a long time for me do a review of Ip Man 2.  The original Ip Man movie was so dramatically different than other ‘martial arts’ movies, that I am tempted to re-classify it outside of that genre.  However both that movie and this one have enough martial arts action, brand specific, no less, that we have to view them as a much better than average films in that genre.

Like everybody, my expectations were high going in to seeing Ip Man 2… 

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  A ‘myth buster’ I did not know the full story of Leung Ting, Wing Tsun Master when I first came under his instruction in 1980 but I was certain to find out.  I discovered that he had made it his mission to dispel the many myths about martial arts, particularly the Chinese martial arts.  […]

Late Grandmaster Yip Man’s words

The late great Grandmaster Yip Man wrote the following words at the end of his historical account on the origins of Wing Tsun:
“Leung Yee Tai passed the kungfu on to Leung Jan, a well known herbal doctor in Fat Shan.  Leung Jan grasped the innermost secrets of Wing Tsun, and attained the highest level of proficiency.  Many kungfu masters came to challenge him, but all were defeated.  Leung Jan became very famous. Later, he passed his kungfu on to Chan Wah Shan, who took me as his student many decades ago.  I studied kungfu alongside my kungfu brothers such as Ng Siu Lo, Ng Chung So, Chan Yu Min and Lui Yu Jai.  Wing Tsun was thus passed down to us, and we are eternally grateful to our kungfu
ancestors and teachers…”

– translated in the book Wing Tsun Kuen by Leung Ting, 10th Level MOC