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The Internal Character of Wing Tsun Self-Defense

What is meant by “internal martial arts?” Generally, it refers to an emphasis on structure, breathing, and dealing with opposing forces to defend against an attack. In Wing Tsun, to strengthen the body, many joint exercises are represented in the three forms to unify the body as a coordinated whole. Structure, angles and in the case of Leung Ting WingTsun®, mobility are paramount issues in dealing with an attack. The development of the elastic qualities of the body are used to facilitate defense when encountering stronger forces. Read more

your insides
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Your insides

Your insides

If you find your insides need attention and find yourself at the beck and call of something other than your personal well being twenty-four-seven, you might consider that your insides, a.k.a. your health and mental peace might be important too. It is not just about what you deserve. It is about what you must have to be fully human. WingTsun™ offers a constructive reason to get away for a few evenings a week to better yourself.

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