A running argument on the internet goes something like this: Is Wing Chun practical? Wing Chun is no good in a street fight. MMA fights prove Wing Chun is not practical. False.

Possibly an individual that has the incorrect mindset is no good in a street fight. The art is above average and maybe the best for street self-defense.

MMA fights do not prove that a martial art lacks a practical application for the street since streets fights are totally unlike a ring fight that has rules, time-limits, limits on legal targets and techniques. Of course, any fighting practice prepares a student in certain areas of person-to-person combat.

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The discussions continue in chat rooms and at YouTube about why the kung fu moves of Chinese martial arts have not been frequently used in mixed martial arts ( MMA ) fight contests. As many of us recognize, some of the Chinese martial arts have been included in the umbrella discipline we know as Wu Shu. Wu shu is a recognized sport of China in modern times and is almost solely concerned with demonstration art in perfecting ancient forms. For the uninitiated, forms are pre-arranged sequences of the kung fu moves of ancient martial arts. The forms are the architecture of individual martial art styles. The movements of the style are in the forms.

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