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More Than 300 Years of Development

WingTsun™ is Grandmaster Leung Ting’s modern day teaching system but it has been under development for over 300 years. Many stories have been written on its origins including the standard one that a Buddhist elder of the Siu Lam (Shaolin) Monastery, a woman named Ng Mui, invented it from her expertise in Siu Lam Kung Fu. Some history ‘experts’ think they know how it was developed but in reality we have only verbal traditions prior to the 19th century. Accounts earlier than Leung Jan are not written accounts. We have some idea that certain early practitioners did exist we but have no confirmation of their role in its development.

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Using the force of an attacker against him

The above illustration is a simple one to show an attacker who throws a straight-line punch is countered by the defender who turns with the power of his opponent’s punch while sticking with the punch. He does not turn himself. His attacker turns him. That force is used on the return right-handed punch.

Many arts claim that they can take advantage of an attacker’s force in a real fight. Most will explain techniques that will work in theory. In order to work, however, no matter what the method or style is, a defender has to have physical contact with the attacker. In Leung Ting WingTsun® , we seek to gain physical contact with the attacker at the earliest possible moment. The first moment of contact is usually made with the arms.

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Sifu Leung Ting and the late, great Grandmaster Yip Man.

Leung Ting’s first instructor was late Grandmaster Yip Man’s first Hong Kong student, Leung Sheung.  Later, Leung Ting’s uncle introduced him to Grandmaster Yip Man.  He soon became a private student of the late Grandmaster.

More information can be found at: WingTsun Welt, the European online magazine about the WingTsun World!

Does self defense take a long time to learn?


Does self defense take a long time to learn? It depends on you. If it does take you a long time to learn to defend yourself, what is the alternative? Do you wish to trust your future health and safety to luck or do you want to steer your own course?

Is it expensive to learn martial arts and self-defense?

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Women Can Defend With WingTsun™

Women can defend defend themselves against larger, stronger male attackers because WingTsun™ teaches a skill that involves using an attacker’s strength.  However what makes WingTsun different than a dozen other arts who claim this is that WingTsun focuses on soft power which recognizes that speed is squared times mass equals force.  In other words speed is more important in generating force than mass.

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WT vs. the indirect arts

One of the most important differences between Leung Ting WingTsun® and other arts is the DIRECT versus INDIRECT concept…

This concept goes hand-in-hand with the straight-line / centerline concept and so I must explain this concept first in order to make the DIRECT versus INDIRECT concept clearer.  In WingTsun, we always attack and simultaneously defend along the centerline.  The centerline is the shortest straight-line.  While our WingTsun fighter is guarding this line 100% of the time, our attacker is forced to go around the centerline defenses to try and grab or hit our WingTsun fighter.

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Learning Chinese Culture

One fact that is not often brought up in martial arts circles is that many traditional people from the martial art country of origin believe that western people cannot truly learn the martial arts from their country because they do not understand their culture.  It is believed by them particularly because western people were not raised in that culture.  The practitioners of Chinese martial arts believe that their arts are too interwoven with their culture to be expressed properly or in the same way.

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