In learning how to defend yourself, it seems counter-intuitive to get injured on a regular basis when you are studying a self-defense system. You are trying to AVOID being injured if you are attacked! Injuries interfere with your advancement and continued training. Naturally the risk of injuries cannot be avoided completely. However, they can be minimized.

It so happens that arts involving primarily grappling and throws have a high incidence of injuries, probably due to their focus on falls and joint locking and the pressure applied on the joints. If you plan on a long career in martial arts, constant injuries could cause your career to end prematurely. If you are being hit in the head daily or weekly, even with a gloved fist, we have all heard of the stats on boxing and football regarding hits to the head over a period of years. The martial arts injury statistics at the link for The Sport Journal below are interesting and might surprise you.

Wing Tsun kung-fu covers the gamut of techniques like punching, kicking, knees, arms, legs, elbows, throws and anti-grappling or said a different way, counters to grabs and grappling. However, the emphasis in Wing Tsun is on the first few seconds of an attack. A smaller person or a non-athlete would like to end this fight as soon as possible. Longer encounters can result in more opportunities for your attacker to overwhelm you.

Injury statistics on a wide variety of martial arts are available at this link at The Sport Journal page:

Si-fu Keith Sonnenberg