I might go out on a limb and say that most people who want to get into a program involving fitness training, be it martial arts, personal trainer, 24-hour gyms, and anything else, do not know where to start and how to keep going. The tendency I see is that many people have been sedentary for so long, they do not know how far out of shape they are. When they start out, they are thrown for a loop. Their whole body is sore, perhaps for a week.

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Free Wing Tsun Kung Fu Trial Class

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WingTsun™ is a way to Functional Fitness

Do you have trouble jumping onto the treadmill and hoofing it for 30 minutes?  Do you have trouble dropping to the floor and doing 20 push-ups?  How about ten arm curls with each arm with a 25 pound dumbbell on a Sunday afternoon?  Would you feel strange or afraid stepping onto a floor with a lot of screaming dudes in white uniforms lunge punching with blood-curdling intensity?

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Herewith is a reprint of a write-up by Marie-Elizabeth Finamore about Wing Tsun movements.  Marie Elizabeth Finamore can also be reached via Facebook:

What the West has to say about

Wing Tsun Kung Fu

By Marie Elizabeth Finamore, MS, ATC, CSCS, LMT

with WingTsun technical assistance by Sifu Keith Sonnenberg

Wing Tsun challenges the physical body in many ways, and exercises and improves concentration, visual acuity, balance, core stability, and breath control, as well as a full body muscular exertion.  Speed, agility, power are developed, and keys to the technique.  Really the only movements NOT challenged in this system are those involved in overhead reaching. 

Core stability is challenged in the basic stance, which a semi-squat with all lower extremity joints rotated inward achieved after alternately rotating the joints externally and internally.  Isometrically this also challenges balance and all lower extremity muscles, as this is a very unusual position to most Westerners.  Of course, and movement of the arms or legs away from the core challenges your stability, especially at the speeds demanded in Wing Tsun.  In actual combat, of course, any blow landed or blocked also challenges the core.

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WingTsun: A highly relevant martial art in this day and age

WingTsun™ Kung Fu is a highly relevant martial art system in this modern era. Notice that I did not say “system of self defense” or “method of fighting” or “way to better health” or otherwise define it. It is not always useful to define WingTsun because WingTsun Kung Fu is multi-faceted.

WingTsun is useful because of its practical nature for self-defense. Getting this benefit does not take an eternity.

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