Wing Tsun’s martial arts defense concept in using a pre-fighting posture is the center-line concept. If a student or practitioner has used a different posture with a lot of success in sparring or never needed it in a few street fights, they may be unwilling to accept this idea which is very different from the majority of styles in martial arts schools available today. Bruce Lee used the Taoist idea “Empty your cup.” It means that in order to learn something new, one has to empty one’s cup. In other words, if your mind is too full of previously learned ideas like a full cup of tea, one has to empty it first to in order to accept another kind of tea – different knowledge.

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Martial Arts for Self Defense

Nearly all instructors say that their schools offer martial arts for self defense. It is usually in their list of activities and benefits but the inevitable emphasis and the way they remain a large scale business is to offer martial arts for competition, that is, for tournaments. Competition and martial arts together certainly offer character-building elements similar to other sports.

Martial arts for self defense such as Wing Tsun really do specialize in the idea of real time self defense abilities. Offered correctly, martial arts for self defense can be a fantastic way to gain confidence and at the same time, gaining coordination and overcoming fears. This is what motivates this writer – offering this kind of confidence to a student.

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Best Self Defense Martial Art

One perspective is that the best self defense martial art is probably the one you are taking right now. This is because if you are currently learning something that bills itself as a self defense martial art and if you stop now and start over to learn a new set of reflexes it delays your ultimate goal of gaining self-defense skill. Self-defense is more than a set of techniques that you drill over and over. It is an attitude that you should be able to turn on and turn off and use instantly if the need arises.

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How to deal with weapon attacks

The most feared types of assaults are those that involve weapons. It appears that there is no way to protect oneself against the blade, the bullet or the bludgeon.

Indeed, these attacks are potentially lethal. In fact, the intent of such an attack should be regarded as intent to kill and therefore you, the defender should take any action possible to defend your life.

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Improve Your Senses and Consciousness

In order to stick to your attacker’s arms, you must live in the present moment and not let your attention waiver.

Learning a tactile skill like chi sau in the art of WingTsun kung-fu can improve your senses and consciousness. Relying on just the sense of touch or more like sticking with your training partner’s arms (or legs!) allows you to know when a person is about to make a move. One can also feel the direction and amount of power a person is using. The time factor in response to an attacker’s movements is reduced to zero! What many martial arts instructors never get around to explaining is that if an attacker wants to rain punches down on you at full speed, no block, no defense of any kind that does not involve ‘stick’ can prevent those punches from hitting you. In addition, the best defense is a good offense in such a situation.

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Students learn top notch self-defense skills

We first teach the foundation of great self defense skills. Footwork and basic hand skills that really work are taught early on.  They form the basis of the ability to stay on one’s feet if attacked, borrow an attacker’s force and move quickly out of the line of attack.

Unlike the other versions of Wing Chun coming from the Yip Man lineage, Leung Ting WingTsun® teaches applications on the ground as well as anti-grappling and applications against techniques from other fighting methods and weapons.  Unlike the other versions from the Yip Man lineage, Leung Ting WingTsun® teaches the footwork necessary to get out of the way of an attack and apply the concepts within the first few ranks. The realistic applications training is ongoing.

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WingTsun: A highly relevant martial art in this day and age

WingTsun™ Kung Fu is a highly relevant martial art system in this modern era. Notice that I did not say “system of self defense” or “method of fighting” or “way to better health” or otherwise define it. It is not always useful to define WingTsun because WingTsun Kung Fu is multi-faceted.

WingTsun is useful because of its practical nature for self-defense. Getting this benefit does not take an eternity.

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