Martial arts exercises are a big step up in what the body requires for health over just doing repetitive exercise programs involving calisthenics, weight lifting, walking, running, etc. Martial arts movement requires a mind-body commitment and connection and there is a big payoff. There is less boredom when one’s program is varied. Also, recent research has indicated that different speeds and different movements within a session have a more beneficial effect on overall fitness.

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Best Self Defense Martial Art

One perspective is that the best self defense martial art is probably the one you are taking right now. This is because if you are currently learning something that bills itself as a self defense martial art and if you stop now and start over to learn a new set of reflexes it delays your ultimate goal of gaining self-defense skill. Self-defense is more than a set of techniques that you drill over and over. It is an attitude that you should be able to turn on and turn off and use instantly if the need arises.

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The Brain on Wing Tsun

The brain on Wing Tsun is about creating ‘muscle memory’ and is therefore a true mind-body exercise.The traumatic brain injury of Arizona U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords in 2011 caused by a bullet to the head  highlighted some of the medical knowledge advances born out of soldier injuries during the two wars our country has recently been through. Rehabilitation from brain injuries apparently involves repeated movements that cause the human brain to create new areas that can take over for damaged ones to perform old tasks. According to CBS news, the soldier-patients undergoing the rehabilitation called progress “challenging.” The fact that it is challenging doesn’t take away the fact of their remarkable progress.

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Your insides

If you find your insides need attention and find yourself at the beck and call of something other than your personal well being twenty-four-seven, you might consider that your insides, a.k.a. your health and mental peace might be important too. It is not just about what you deserve. It is about what you must have to be fully human. WingTsun™ offers a constructive reason to get away for a few evenings a week to better yourself.

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Determination = Accomplishment

Many a prospective martial arts student has tried out classes and when the going got the least little bit tough, they disappear.  To be sure, it might not be the physicality or their ability to learn.  It might be the sore muscles or the initial frustration of learning what should be simple movements but turn out to be more difficult than expected.  It might be objections from family members.  It could be ego.  It could be the perceived financial commitment.  No matter what preconceptions a prospective student has, in their heart, many thought that this was going to be a one way ticket to super hero status.  Instead, this becomes a time of self-examination.  It reveals how much or how little patience and determination they actually have.  Their extremely high opinion of themselves might have taken a hit.

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Conquering Your Fear

Lay people always ask me, “Do I have to be in shape, ‘do the splits like Van Damme’ or ‘like to fight’ to be good at kung-fu?” “No,”  I answer.  “You just have to have some intestinal fortitude.” Surprised, they ask why.  The reason is because a student must face his or her own deficiencies every time they come to class. This, and not the hard work, is the most difficult part. This fact is countered by the student’s fierce desire to correct these deficiencies and develop the confidence of knowing that if grabbed, swung at or otherwise threatened, the student can stand his or her ground and dissipate or channel fear into action.

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A Fortune Cookie

Remember when the fortune cookies that we got after a meal at a Chinese restaurant had the silly sayings inside them and seemed to be meaningless entertainment?  I believe that most still are.  However I have had a recent run of good sayings inside these little deserts. 

The latest is:  “Attention is the mother of memory.”

How true this is.  If we want to remember something, we have to pay attention. All too often in this speeded-up culture we are not paying attention and we forget a lot. 

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WingTsun: A highly relevant martial art in this day and age

WingTsun™ Kung Fu is a highly relevant martial art system in this modern era. Notice that I did not say “system of self defense” or “method of fighting” or “way to better health” or otherwise define it. It is not always useful to define WingTsun because WingTsun Kung Fu is multi-faceted.

WingTsun is useful because of its practical nature for self-defense. Getting this benefit does not take an eternity.

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Intention with SNT

The mental and physical health benefits of regular WingTsun™ training go beyond heart rate, respiration, muscle tone and confidence.  The WingTsun system fits in with the characteristics of several other “internal” martial arts. Many internal martial arts spend a great deal of time developing the internal energy. This is a worthwhile pursuit…

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