I think the simple answer is yes.  Traditional training, if it also involves conditioning, can be a great start toward training for ring fights and cross training in other arts if your goal is the octagon type of fights we see today. Traditional martial arts offer basic principals of the individual style that could be overlooked in a mixed martial arts setting in the interest of “getting through it” so you can move on to another martial art.

At first, you, as the beginning student cannot usually understand why these basic movements are so important unless you have had good grounding in another traditional martial art. The truth is, the basics also train the smaller muscle groups that, again, are overlooked in faster training methods. They can strengthen and condition joints that work to prevent injury and increase efficiency.

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Martial Sport or Martial Arts Classes in Phoenix AZ

Among martial arts classes in Phoenix AZ, where does Wing Tsun Arizona fit in to the picture? In today’s world of martial arts, the view of what a martial art actually is has been blurred with the advent of new kinds of martial sports.  The phrase “martial sport” is itself a new word.  Many of the events involving these martial sports are quite brutal which gives the arts being shown an aura of effectiveness.  The public can now see what the effect is of a well-placed punch, kick or choke.

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