You can buy all the self-help books you want. You can read all the materials and dream and dream, but nothing is going to happen until you commit to a better life. Wing Tsun training can be a great place to start.

Ancient martial arts are not outdated for the human body and spirit. Certainly, new training methods and new circumstances can improve upon fighting and self-defense effectiveness. However ancient ideas are still very valid based on hundreds of years of trial and error and developed in a time without technology. Fortunately for us, Wing Tsun has kept up with modern, urban applications.

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Many people who enter training in a martial art in today’s America take it as a lark. They want to brag to their friends that they “take kung-fu” or they “take karate.” In ancient times the real purpose was to defend oneself as a soldier or to survive in violent times. Very seldom was there a situation where a student walked into a school of martial arts to start their training. More often, a family member or a friend of a friend recommended an instructor. Instruction might have taken place behind closed doors. An instructor kept an eye on their new student for at least several months to see if they had what it takes and that their student would not bring dishonor to their martial arts family.

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“When will my life situation, i.e., schedule, money, living conditions be “perfect” enough to study WingTsun™?” The answer: NEVER. Life is never perfect. And if we wait until things are perfect, we will look back in regret at things never achieved. Procrastination is something we’ve all been guilty of but have you ever regretted pursuing something worthwhile? Of course not.

The above words, “commitment and sacrifice” are spoken in the context of competitive sports a lot in contemporary America.  However, in the greed-driven world of professional sports, the words can sound hollow.  “Sacrifice indeed. That player makes a million or more dollars per year,” you say. True. That player sacrificed but he received a huge monetary reward. What the player received in personal satisfaction, probably only the player knows for sure.

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Learning Any Martial Art 

In today’s world and the demand for instant gratification, we have instant messaging, fast food, everything is wireless, and we have ‘mixed martial arts’ which is assumed to bestow martial arts skills of several styles in relatively short order. The mind of the uninitiated novice might jump to the incorrect conclusion that learning several styles is no problem at all; just join an ‘MMA’ gym.

Of course this is not the case at all. To learn a martial art one must also train in a martial art. Unlike the movie “The Matrix” we cannot download kung fu skills into our cerebellum from a computer! The body must be trained.

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Are You Self-Confident?

If you were faced with an attack, are you confident enough to take care of yourself?
A great deal of self-confidence comes from within. However we could all use a good vehicle to take us there. WingTsun™ might be that vehicle for you.

WingTsun’s scientific approach and method is so overwhelmingly logical according to the physical laws of energy, geometry and angles, timing, mobility, and gravity that WingTsun’s logic supports any insecurity you may have. If 2 + 2 = 4, the only thing left is your practice.

Experienced instructors are very important in the study of WingTsun. At WingTsun Arizona, we have that unbroken experience stretching back to the earliest years of the Yip Man heritage in the Phoenix area in the 1970s. We can help you on your journey.

In physical training, everybody has good days and bad days in training and in life. With physical training, that comes with the territory. That idea aside, however, you can become self-confident in your training with us.

– Sifu Keith Sonnenberg

Many laypeople believe that a martial art is just for self defense. Others say “If you are so worried about somebody attacking you, why not carry a gun or stay out of bad neighborhoods.” Others believe that martial arts are some kind of cult, or “fight club.” Until you begin the training at a true martial arts school, you may not understand the personal benefits of WingTsun™ training that go beyond self defense. Many believe that if you start martial arts training, you must think you are tough. Surely it must be the opposite. By starting martial arts training, you must think you need some toughening! “Tough guys” usually do not last with an instructor who was properly taught by an instructor with a traditional attitude. The traditional societal attitude was that martial arts were for personal and family protection, not for bullying others and so bullies are screened out in a good martial arts school.

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