Forward Energy

There are analogies for life within the art of Wing Tsun kung-fu. One such analogy is the idea of forward energy.

Martial arts analogies exist in other arts but Wing Tsun seems to have many, perhaps because of its concepts. To prevail in an encounter with an opponent, it can be necessary to maintain forward energy and forward direction. To stand still can be deadly to you. Forward energy and forward movement forces an attacker to spend time and attention to deal with you. In addition, it is far more difficult to stop, block or deflect an oncoming counterattack than one that stands still. A moving target is difficult. One that is coming right at you is worse.

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How Relevant is WingTsun Martial Arts Training to Your Life

Can we measure how relevant is WingTsun martial arts training to your life? Most assuredly not. However, in a way similar to when you were a child learning the ABCs of the English language, the first form of WingTsun™ called Siu Nim Tau contains the ‘ABCs’ of WingTsun. All of WingTsun’s ‘little ideas’ are in the form. The techniques are each represented in the sequence of movements which later are expanded greatly in separate applications to form sentences (fighting applications). Your first day at class is like your life at your first day in school as a first grade student.

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