A running argument on the internet goes something like this: Is Wing Chun practical? Wing Chun is no good in a street fight. MMA fights prove Wing Chun is not practical. False.

Possibly an individual that has the incorrect mindset is no good in a street fight. The art is above average and maybe the best for street self-defense.

MMA fights do not prove that a martial art lacks a practical application for the street since streets fights are totally unlike a ring fight that has rules, time-limits, limits on legal targets and techniques. Of course, any fighting practice prepares a student in certain areas of person-to-person combat.

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WingTsun is Practical Self Defense

When we think of the word practical, what do we normally think of? Normally we consider how useful something is. If a car is a red, low-slung fast sports car with seating for two, we would not consider that to be practical. You cannot carry more than two people and certainly not the family. You cannot go to Home Depot and load it up with building supplies. It is much too small for that. It attracts a lot of attention, sometimes the wrong kind. You, the driver, get a ticket once in a while because it is so fast from a standing start.

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