Many a Wing Tsun / Wing Chun / Ving Tsun student and lay person has read and studied the story of the origins of Wing Tsun. They have heard of the Buddhist elder, Ng Mui who was a Siu Lam (Shaolin) kung fu expert. The story goes that she escaped the burning of the Siu Lam Monastery by Ching soldiers along with four others each of whom gave rise to various kung fu styles that exist today. Ng Mui eventually taught another female, a teenager named Yim Wing Tsun. The teenager eventually married her betrothed. Her husband decided that this secret style should be named after her. Wing Tsun was eventually passed down in a narrow family line until the present day. Read more

As our modern world progresses into a world of convenience and electronic marvels, the public perception between reality and fantasy is changing. The lack of understanding by the public and even some so-called instructors of martial arts is getting greater and greater. Many things we see on the movie screen, especially regarding any type of combat, on a computer screen, on a smart phone or something in between, are far removed from reality. The events are designed to entertain and the crazier they are the better. It is possible to forget what would happen when one’s fantasy meets reality. With no fighting experience, it is even more difficult for a novice to determine what works and what doesn’t.

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