People tend to view the learning of a task like looking at a pyramid, at the bottom is the many, the unskilled, the novices. And somewhere high at the top of the mountain is the master. In my opinion this is a rather bleak view of life. Possibly it is this view of achievement that makes many give up on tasks that however difficult, were not impossible.

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We can and will teach self defence moves but to become skillful, one must practice diligently to gain effective self defense skill should the need arise. The bigger purpose of training is often forgotten. Training of the mind and body in a martial art can be quite fulfilling. It often changes a student’s perspective on themselves.

Getting out of one’s comfort zone can fill a hole in one’s background. If you happen to have been confined to a desk for years or in front of a computer screen,

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Women, Men, Wing Tsun Kung Fu Self Defense

Today’s blog is all about women, men, Wing Tsun Kung Fu and self defense. A woman in China invented WingTsun 300 years ago as system designed to defeat her stronger male adversaries. Today, the greatest stimulus for most women to study a self-defense system is the immediate threat of violence. This is a shame because learning how to fight off an attacker should not wait until the threat is in your neighborhood, your backyard or your home and then, when the fear fades, the need is forgotten! By the time the threat is so close, it is TOO LATE to learn self-defense effectively. That is the pattern though.

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Your Self Confidence

WingTsun’s step-by-step training program addresses your self confidence. It helps the student gain self-confidence by taking the correct topics first before moving on to more advanced topics.

The style is designed as a teaching system and Grandmaster Leung Ting prefers the word ‘system’ to ‘style’ because it is more descriptive of what WingTsun™ is. Forms practice is not the main focus of WingTsun. However, it must be discussed because the forms are the conceptual basis and WingTsun is more of a concept than a ‘style.’

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Are You Self-Confident?

If you were faced with an attack, are you confident enough to take care of yourself?
A great deal of self-confidence comes from within. However we could all use a good vehicle to take us there. WingTsun™ might be that vehicle for you.

WingTsun’s scientific approach and method is so overwhelmingly logical according to the physical laws of energy, geometry and angles, timing, mobility, and gravity that WingTsun’s logic supports any insecurity you may have. If 2 + 2 = 4, the only thing left is your practice.

Experienced instructors are very important in the study of WingTsun. At WingTsun Arizona, we have that unbroken experience stretching back to the earliest years of the Yip Man heritage in the Phoenix area in the 1970s. We can help you on your journey.

In physical training, everybody has good days and bad days in training and in life. With physical training, that comes with the territory. That idea aside, however, you can become self-confident in your training with us.

– Sifu Keith Sonnenberg

Self Confidence

WingTsun™ training might take you out of your comfort zone. If so, this can only be a big plus for your self confidence, if not now, then in the very near future.

As a martial art, WingTsun is also a system for step-by-step learning. Once you have learned to do separate things with each hand at the same time, you know you are on your way.

Once you have learned to advance forward in a stance with all the weight on one leg allowing you to throw kick at an attacker with the unweighted leg without signaling your attacker, you know you have come further down the road.

The ability to intercept and stay with an attacker’s arms will give you further confidence that you can achieve more.

If an attacker can grab, block, or interrupt your punch without it affecting your forward advance, your kick, or your other hand, it will add to your self confidence.

This is what we do at Wing Tsun Arizona and in the Leung Ting WingTsun® system.

– Sifu Keith Sonnenberg

Is WingTsun for Fighting or Improving Yourself?

Laypeople and the public at large normally view the practice of martial arts as something for tough guys or violent people.  They get the message which the media sends loud and clear and the message from the martial arts promoters themselves: Learn to hurt somebody with your bare hands. The message stops there.

We get the question often:  If WingTsun is so good, why doesn’t a WingTsun expert fight in the mixed martial arts matches? The promoters of mixed martial arts like to claim that the ring they fight in is reality fighting.  However if it was reality fighting, it would have been banned years ago by authorities.  Many efforts were made to do this.  The promoters responded by making even more rules, disallowing more techniques as “illegal.” The claims about reality fighting have stuck and the promoters are very successful with this marketing.

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It can be a confusing world out there.  Everybody has an opinion.  It can be important to be able to weigh those opinions and decide their worth. Even better would be to judge for oneself.  Many people are afraid of taking #action for fear of “making a mistake.” They may even be frozen to inaction.  They often erect false barriers to advancement.

While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior.” – Henry C. Link

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

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Conquering Your Fear

Lay people always ask me, “Do I have to be in shape, ‘do the splits like Van Damme’ or ‘like to fight’ to be good at kung-fu?” “No,”  I answer.  “You just have to have some intestinal fortitude.” Surprised, they ask why.  The reason is because a student must face his or her own deficiencies every time they come to class. This, and not the hard work, is the most difficult part. This fact is countered by the student’s fierce desire to correct these deficiencies and develop the confidence of knowing that if grabbed, swung at or otherwise threatened, the student can stand his or her ground and dissipate or channel fear into action.

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