Grandmaster Leung Ting, has said that WingTsun™ is not a ‘style’ but a system. All the parts work together without contradiction. Carried further, Wing Tsun is a concept. It is a system not weighted down by thousands of techniques grouped together from several disciplines, the majority of which are unrelated as to concepts. They would be impossible to put together and used with any degree of speed or reliability. In a real self-defense situation, a defender must react spontaneously according to the moment. There certainly is not any time to re-think that anti-grapple or that kick you just learned the way it was done in class. You must react according to the concept rather than the choreography. After all, your attacker doesn’t know this movement and he doesn’t care! Self-defense that is available is the most useful.

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Movement skills

Every student of any martial art must learn new movement skills.  Some martial arts are athletic in their approach. A student must stretch, strengthen, use calisthenics and aerobic exercise in addition to stances, kicks, long range punching, power exercises, jumping skills, tumbling skills and other athletic skills.

WingTsun™ is less about high kicks, jumping kicks, spin kicks, and bending into low stances, – we have none of those – than it is about being sharply focused on self-defense skills.  However the skills developed in WingTsun training are more like sharpening a knife than making a dinner recipe. The creators of WingTsun realized that self-defense cannot happen with a recipe. There is no recipe. A student must be prepared to sharpen his or her weapons. In the case of WingTsun, it is the whole body.

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Many a Wing Tsun / Wing Chun / Ving Tsun student and lay person has read and studied the story of the origins of Wing Tsun. They have heard of the Buddhist elder, Ng Mui who was a Siu Lam (Shaolin) kung fu expert. The story goes that she escaped the burning of the Siu Lam Monastery by Ching soldiers along with four others each of whom gave rise to various kung fu styles that exist today. Ng Mui eventually taught another female, a teenager named Yim Wing Tsun. The teenager eventually married her betrothed. Her husband decided that this secret style should be named after her. Wing Tsun was eventually passed down in a narrow family line until the present day. Read more

Leung Ting WingTsun® training starts out with the Siu Nim Tau form. This form is an important way to start your training. The first third of its 108 points are performed slowly. This allows a few things to take place. First, a beginning student or a practitioner can slow down from a hectic day. One can also contemplate the movements and correct any positions, flight path, and tension. The form contains a second and third section which build on the first section. The applications of all these movements are taught concurrently with the form over the next few student grades.

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The best self defense martial art might be the one that has viable applications for self defense being taught regularly to the students which are based on its traditional techniques. If the martial art being taught is for tournament application and an entirely different, unrelated program is presented for self defense, it is hard to call that martial art the best self defense martial art.

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Not all martial arts types today teach self-defense skills as such but instead only get around to teaching choreography. Whether it is due to time, chosen emphasis, large student populations or other reasons, if you want to learn self-defense, it is wise to pick carefully.

It may come as a surprise to some people that the number of martial arts types number in the hundreds.

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Martial Sport or Martial Arts Classes in Phoenix AZ

Among martial arts classes in Phoenix AZ, where does Wing Tsun Arizona fit in to the picture? In today’s world of martial arts, the view of what a martial art actually is has been blurred with the advent of new kinds of martial sports.  The phrase “martial sport” is itself a new word.  Many of the events involving these martial sports are quite brutal which gives the arts being shown an aura of effectiveness.  The public can now see what the effect is of a well-placed punch, kick or choke.

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Martial Arts for Self Defense

Nearly all instructors say that their schools offer martial arts for self defense. It is usually in their list of activities and benefits but the inevitable emphasis and the way they remain a large scale business is to offer martial arts for competition, that is, for tournaments. Competition and martial arts together certainly offer character-building elements similar to other sports.

Martial arts for self defense such as Wing Tsun really do specialize in the idea of real time self defense abilities. Offered correctly, martial arts for self defense can be a fantastic way to gain confidence and at the same time, gaining coordination and overcoming fears. This is what motivates this writer – offering this kind of confidence to a student.

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Best Self Defense Martial Art

One perspective is that the best self defense martial art is probably the one you are taking right now. This is because if you are currently learning something that bills itself as a self defense martial art and if you stop now and start over to learn a new set of reflexes it delays your ultimate goal of gaining self-defense skill. Self-defense is more than a set of techniques that you drill over and over. It is an attitude that you should be able to turn on and turn off and use instantly if the need arises.

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Street Tactics and Street Clothes

We presented a special topics class today in Wing Tsun Concepts called ‘Street Tactics in Street Clothes.’ For that we took to the streets. Actually we held the class at Clark Park, Tempe. Real self-defense on the street requires more than technical skills. It requires some knowledge of the psychological aspects of avoiding the fight and what to do if it becomes inevitable. There is a psychological and physical difference between an experience training in the martial arts gymnasium and wearing street clothes in an everyday environment.

-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg