Defend and Attack

To defend and attack; these are basic ideas in martial arts and war.

WingTsun™ instructors are taught by the Grandmaster of our art, Leung Ting, that if attacked, avoidance measures are the best way to insure safety. If there is a chance to run away to safety, it is the best course of action.

However if forced to defend, many self-defense situations will have to involve a counter-attack by the defender. WingTsun teaches that, in defending, a defend-and-then-counter approach, in terms of the time factor is much too slow a response. It is completely unrealistic.

In fact in fights, even in non-contact tournaments, one never sees a block-then-defend approach. By the time you as our defender blocks a punch, for example, the opponent’s next attack is already on the way or even has already hit you! In WingTsun, however, simultaneous defense and offense is emphasized from early in the training.

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Self Defense Against Punches, Kicks, and Grabs are all Addressed

Our classes in Wing Tsun™ kung-fu cover all types of attacks. Self defense against punches, kicks, grabs, are all addressed. Wing Tsun addresses five different ranges: kicking, punching, elbows-knees, anti-grappling, and ground. Our special topics classes emphasis certain categories of attacks such as weapons and grappling attacks in order to give students more time and focus on the topic of the month. Students learn how the Wing Tsun ideas are applied in actual situations, in timing, power, neutralizing attacker’s force, footwork and each and every technical and emotional aspect.

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Your Self Confidence

WingTsun’s step-by-step training program addresses your self confidence. It helps the student gain self-confidence by taking the correct topics first before moving on to more advanced topics.

The style is designed as a teaching system and Grandmaster Leung Ting prefers the word ‘system’ to ‘style’ because it is more descriptive of what WingTsun™ is. Forms practice is not the main focus of WingTsun. However, it must be discussed because the forms are the conceptual basis and WingTsun is more of a concept than a ‘style.’

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Wing Tsun and Reality

Wing Tsun and reality can mean different things to different people. Those investigating martial arts training these days hear a lot about reality self-defense training. The reality is that reality self-defense training can mean different things to different people. The real reality is that whether you are training for self-defense or health or fitness, the clothes and shoes that you wear can affect the techniques of any martial art. It is useful to realize that if you are attacked in real life, it most likely will not be with your WingTsun™ uniform or shoes on! If you want to be realistic, you would then just get out of bed in the morning and start practicing with whatever you happen to have on at the time and on whatever floor surface presents itself!

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As our modern world progresses into a world of convenience and electronic marvels, the public perception between reality and fantasy is changing. The lack of understanding by the public and even some so-called instructors of martial arts is getting greater and greater. Many things we see on the movie screen, especially regarding any type of combat, on a computer screen, on a smart phone or something in between, are far removed from reality. The events are designed to entertain and the crazier they are the better. It is possible to forget what would happen when one’s fantasy meets reality. With no fighting experience, it is even more difficult for a novice to determine what works and what doesn’t.

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Wing Tsun Theories of Self-Defense

The Wing Tsun theories of self-defense really are quite different than other commonly taught civilian martial arts, civilian courses or regimens in the military or para-military environments.

Even so, I still get new students who, after having heard me say this and then taking a few lessons, exclaim, “This really is different!”

Many a Wing Tsun, Wing Chun, or Ving Tsun (different spellings of what are considered to have come from the same root ) student and lay person has read and studied the story of the origins of Wing Tsun…

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Self Defense Unraveled

Wing Tsun kung fu is self defense unraveled. The bottom line is taught in countering the kind of  random attacks that occur in real life. In our school, on the very first day, the concept of not clashing with an attacker’s force is taught.  A student is taught to be soft and yielding, a bit like Tai Chi but at the same time, certain strength-building exercises are taught.  A student, whether man or woman, is taught to use his or her advantages against the weaknesses of an attacker. Read more

You Need Wing Tsun

You need Wing Tsun for the most effective way to get benefit ‘mileage’ from a martial art. You do not have to learn 400 different, separate modes of movement unrelated to each other to learn complete self-defense. Under attack, a non-trained person can freeze. No movement – no action, just a victim for lack of learned automatic reactions. Fear creates this freeze reaction because the victim has learned no confidence, had no training, has mind-body conflicts because of inappropriate principals learned, or has no knowledge at all.

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The Body is the Self Defense Weapon

In Wing Tsun, the body is the self defense weapon. It is a practical idea. Wing Tsun practitioners can use the whole body moving horizontally as the weapon or the hands, forearms, shoulders, knees, shins, feet, or side of the body as a self defense weapon. Normally the closest part of the body is the tool to do damage to one’s attacker. In the above photo, attacker B on the right, tried to grab and twist the defender, A’s arm. Defender A was not rigid but rather flexible enough to dissolve his attacker’s force …and dispense with his grapple while simultaneously stepping in for the hit against attacker B’s chest. The hands, feet, knees, elbows and shoulders all come into play. The most advanced form, Biu Tze, has a sophisticated elbow-counterattacking concept.

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Wing Tsun: Original Self-Defense

WingTsun™ is the martial art that has not changed to a sporting event in modern times. It is not a spectator sport. It is designed to be more efficient and able to use the force of an attacker against them while striking, punching and kicking. WingTsun has a step-by-step training system developed over a 300 year period since its inception when legend says it was developed by a woman from earlier Siu Lam Monastery techniques. WingTsun also retains the health building breathing and joint exercise movements from the earlier times. Modern practitioners use WingTsun practice to stay active and healthy into old age.