A running argument on the internet goes something like this: Is Wing Chun practical? Wing Chun is no good in a street fight. MMA fights prove Wing Chun is not practical. False.

Possibly an individual that has the incorrect mindset is no good in a street fight. The art is above average and maybe the best for street self-defense.

MMA fights do not prove that a martial art lacks a practical application for the street since streets fights are totally unlike a ring fight that has rules, time-limits, limits on legal targets and techniques. Of course, any fighting practice prepares a student in certain areas of person-to-person combat.

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We can and will teach self defence moves but to become skillful, one must practice diligently to gain effective self defense skill should the need arise. The bigger purpose of training is often forgotten. Training of the mind and body in a martial art can be quite fulfilling. It often changes a student’s perspective on themselves.

Getting out of one’s comfort zone can fill a hole in one’s background. If you happen to have been confined to a desk for years or in front of a computer screen,

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