Two-weeks for $19.95

Starting Tuesday November 28, new students may try us out for two weeks, 4-classes, for just $19.95! That is right, for just $19.95, you get four personalized one-hour classes by experienced instructors over a two-week period. This offer expires Tuesday December 5, 2017.

We offer four classes per week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Classes are from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm and so you may choose which nights to attend. Do not miss this deal.

FOR YOUR FIRST CLASS, please arrive by 6:40 pm. Thank you.

-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg



Register now on our web form at: and get one week of free trial classes! Our martial arts classes in Gilbert AZ, right across the City of Mesa line on Baseline teach Wing Tsun (Wing Chun) kung-fu three evenings per week.

Be sure to register no later than the expiration date and we will honor the offer up to two weeks after the expiration date: Offer expires Thursday September 22, 2016 (last day).

Here is what to expect at your first Wing Tsun Kung Fu class:

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