Our Wing Tsun training is truly one of the traditional, non-traditional martial arts. Inside Wing Tsun’s traditional training, lies the applications for common attacks. Most martial arts are learned by training with other students in the same martial art. However Wing Tsun instructors long ago realized that Wing Tsun, were it to be applied for real, would be applied against non-Wing Tsun attackers of every shape, size and stripe.

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In my self defense classes in Gilbert AZ, I teach the Wing Tsun concepts of a certain topic each time I present the class. By understanding how Wing Tsun concepts work against certain types of assaults, students can work out the problems with clashing of forces, angles, and the using of an attacker’s force.

It can be useful for some martial arts students to develop self-defense scenarios in their mind. In other words, ask yourself “what if this happened?” OK, most of my students already know that if somebody asks, “What if I took a swing at you?” or “What would you do…,” that this can be a useless and even dangerous verbal exercise. After all, you really don’t know how they will attack until they actually do.

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A Counter for Every Move

For every technique that Wing Tsun has, there is a Wing Tsun counter-technique. Of course Wing Tsun also has counter techniques for non-Wing Tsun techniques. The style does not matter – only the energy and the trajectory. No matter how fast or how sudden and deceptive, the counter to the technique exists, tailor made to the energy of the attack because of ‘sticky hands.’ Responses to close range attacks are triggered by pressure against our arms or legs by touch (not by sight) so that the defense is in real time. Wing Tsun trainees learn to yield to the pressure like a spring and when the pressure is relieved, the spring returns in another form. Tan sau becomes bong sau which becomes man sau which becomes jut sau, etc.

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Wing Tsun Fighting

As many people who surf the internet might know, there is a great deal of uninformed nonsense about Wing Chun / Wing Tsun/ Ving Tsun. Most are easily refuted with a little bit of research.

What is true is that Grandmaster Yip Man taught everybody differently. Why this happened I will leave to my Si-fu, WingTsun Grandmaster Leung Ting’s explanations in his book Roots and Branches of Wing Tsun.

Wing Tsun as passed down to the present day is meant to be a complete fighting system. If people misinterpret it, it is not because there is something ‘missing’ in the art.

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What can I do if I am jumped from behind? This is a common enough question that gets asked of martial arts instructors. The best answer, of course, is “…do not let that happen.” This might be easier said than done in many cases, especially if you are not a big person or carry yourself with a lot of awareness and confidence. In WingTsun™ kung fu training, we have simple ways to turn and face an attacker. Of course there are no one-sentence or two minute training methods for this question. Once you have turned, then what? A defender’s response depends on many factors. Among them are whether the attacker has a weapon, are you being grabbed, are you being struck, do you have room to move?

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The Surprise Attack

The public is well acquainted with hand-to-hand duals.  In other words two fighters face each other, then one attacks and the other is forced to counter attack.  It could be in a sports venue, it could be two antagonists that want to “duke it out” on the street or in a bar.  However in discussions about fighting and self defense, discussions about incidents involving the surprise attack are much fewer.

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Go Forward

WingTsun™ Techniques that work well when standing still, work better when the defender advances forward while defending.

The WingTsun defender’s hands are also in a constant state of forward energy through their practice of WingTsun ‘sticky hands.’

In WingTsun training, time and energy are not wasted.  A forward step is not just a step.  The step also functions as a stepping pin, a sweep, a kick, or a kick defense!

Life analogies to forward energy and forward action are abundant in WingTsun . In life, we want to move forward. We can move forward in our career, romance, finances, living environment and personal development.

We can also move forward past difficulties and seemingly endless life road blocks if that is our way.

Such is the mind-set of WingTsun…