Our Wing Tsun training is truly one of the traditional, non-traditional martial arts. Inside Wing Tsun’s traditional training, lies the applications for common attacks. Most martial arts are learned by training with other students in the same martial art. However Wing Tsun instructors long ago realized that Wing Tsun, were it to be applied for real, would be applied against non-Wing Tsun attackers of every shape, size and stripe.

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Street Tactics and Street Clothes

We presented a special topics class today in Wing Tsun Concepts called ‘Street Tactics in Street Clothes.’ For that we took to the streets. Actually we held the class at Clark Park, Tempe. Real self-defense on the street requires more than technical skills. It requires some knowledge of the psychological aspects of avoiding the fight and what to do if it becomes inevitable. There is a psychological and physical difference between an experience training in the martial arts gymnasium and wearing street clothes in an everyday environment.

-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg