Timing is one of the most crucial aspects for successful techniques in the martial arts. In a punch performed in the air, for example, letting the power leave your fist too soon means that the power is gone before it reaches the target. Not allowing the power to be released until after you hit the target might mean that you hurt your fist on the target. There would be no power there to reinforce the punch. If one’s defending arm has not reached the correct position at the correct moment, you could be hit. This is, of course, not a terrible problem in the training hall but it could be in a real self-defense situation!

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Instant Reactions in Leung Ting WingTsun®

WingTsun’s little idea is simple. React instantly to attack and use the straight-line to the target. Move “according to how the opponent moves.” To do this, one must train the footwork and cause the feet to spring to life and shoot inward toward the attacker like an arrow released from a bow.

As the photos illustrate, when an attack begins, get to the target first, before your attacker can change course. It is a simple matter of timing but also confidence. Training is the key. Instructors always call Wing Tsun ‘simple.’ It is not necessarily always simple to master but the “little idea” (Siu Nim Tau, the first form, translates as “the little idea form”) is a simple idea.

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