Women, Men, Wing Tsun Kung Fu Self Defense

Today’s blog is all about women, men, Wing Tsun Kung Fu and self defense. A woman in China invented WingTsun 300 years ago as system designed to defeat her stronger male adversaries. Today, the greatest stimulus for most women to study a self-defense system is the immediate threat of violence. This is a shame because learning how to fight off an attacker should not wait until the threat is in your neighborhood, your backyard or your home and then, when the fear fades, the need is forgotten! By the time the threat is so close, it is TOO LATE to learn self-defense effectively. That is the pattern though.

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Using the force of an attacker against him

The above illustration is a simple one to show an attacker who throws a straight-line punch is countered by the defender who turns with the power of his opponent’s punch while sticking with the punch. He does not turn himself. His attacker turns him. That force is used on the return right-handed punch.

Many arts claim that they can take advantage of an attacker’s force in a real fight. Most will explain techniques that will work in theory. In order to work, however, no matter what the method or style is, a defender has to have physical contact with the attacker. In Leung Ting WingTsun® , we seek to gain physical contact with the attacker at the earliest possible moment. The first moment of contact is usually made with the arms.

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