You can buy all the self-help books you want. You can read all the materials and dream and dream, but nothing is going to happen until you commit to a better life. Wing Tsun training can be a great place to start.

Ancient martial arts are not outdated for the human body and spirit. Certainly, new training methods and new circumstances can improve upon fighting and self-defense effectiveness. However ancient ideas are still very valid based on hundreds of years of trial and error and developed in a time without technology. Fortunately for us, Wing Tsun has kept up with modern, urban applications.

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Preconceived Ideas and Siu Nim Tau

The WingTsun™ form Siu Nim Tau is intended to teach a beginner to begin fresh and forget one’s preconceived ideas. The ideas include not only your high school gym class embarrassments, your yoga class, your basketball tryout bust, your karate classes, your winning year in soccer, your power lifting successes but also your preconceived ideas as to your true abilities, good or bad.

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Some WingTsun™ principals…

1)      Use the straight-line – guard the center line

2)      Simultaneous defense with offense – hit and defend at the same time

3)      Do not clash with your attacker’s force

4)      Use your attacker’s movement to trigger your own counter attack

5)      Use your attacker’s force to enhance your own counterattacking force

6)      One hand controls two

7)      Move forward while defending

8)      No backward steps

9)      Fight nose-to-nose, not nose to fist

10)   100 percent of the weight on the back leg

11)   Step into your attacker’s area

12)   Start later, arrive first

13)   Keep both feet on the ground unless you are sure to land a kick

14)   When grabbed, hit

WT vs. the indirect arts

One of the most important differences between Leung Ting WingTsun® and other arts is the DIRECT versus INDIRECT concept…

This concept goes hand-in-hand with the straight-line / centerline concept and so I must explain this concept first in order to make the DIRECT versus INDIRECT concept clearer.  In WingTsun, we always attack and simultaneously defend along the centerline.  The centerline is the shortest straight-line.  While our WingTsun fighter is guarding this line 100% of the time, our attacker is forced to go around the centerline defenses to try and grab or hit our WingTsun fighter.

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