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Our Wing Tsun self-defense martial art system, a Wing Chun teaching method, is the most effective and efficient system, having been an off-shoot of the more complicated Shaolin martial arts. Our Grandmaster, Leung Ting, was a closed-door student of late grandmaster Yip Man.

We are part of a network of Wing Chun schools spanning the globe as part of the IWTA based in Hong Kong.

-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg

Best Self Defense Martial Art

One perspective is that the best self defense martial art is probably the one you are taking right now. This is because if you are currently learning something that bills itself as a self defense martial art and if you stop now and start over to learn a new set of reflexes it delays your ultimate goal of gaining self-defense skill. Self-defense is more than a set of techniques that you drill over and over. It is an attitude that you should be able to turn on and turn off and use instantly if the need arises.

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A Counter for Every Move

For every technique that Wing Tsun has, there is a Wing Tsun counter-technique. Of course Wing Tsun also has counter techniques for non-Wing Tsun techniques. The style does not matter – only the energy and the trajectory. No matter how fast or how sudden and deceptive, the counter to the technique exists, tailor made to the energy of the attack because of ‘sticky hands.’ Responses to close range attacks are triggered by pressure against our arms or legs by touch (not by sight) so that the defense is in real time. Wing Tsun trainees learn to yield to the pressure like a spring and when the pressure is relieved, the spring returns in another form. Tan sau becomes bong sau which becomes man sau which becomes jut sau, etc.

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Wing Tsun Skills Can Save Your Life

Wing Tsun is first and foremost, a martial art of self-defense. The direct nature of Wing Tsun techniques lends itself to speedy self-defense. It is not necessary to always get into a stance to take advantage of Wing Tsun power, tactics and strategies in a real situation when a life is at stake.

An example is Wing Tsun training in the straight-line thrusting punch. Training involves accelerating the short distance punch from zero speed to top speed in a tiny fraction of a second.

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Real Fight Survival Skills

Wing Tsun was developed as a real way to survive a vicious attack in old China where life was cheap. However it was never developed for armies as some of the other martial arts were of the time period of 300 years ago. Wing Tsun is an urban self-defense system that uses a higher stance and does not rely on superior strength but rather on better footwork so as to evade an attacker’s strength while still remaining close in to deliver strikes, punches and low kicks. Close in strikes have the advantage of more often hitting the target. Longer range strikes, punches and especially kicks, while easier to learn, have the disadvantage of more often missing the target. Wing Tsun uses touch to facilitate accuracy in striking. If your arms have contact with an attacker and one’s arms can maintain a certain distance on a moving target, hitting that moving target is very probable. To maintain distance on a moving target, skillful footwork is a must.

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October is Self-Defense Month for Women

As reported by WWJ-TV 62 Detroit:

October is Self-Defense Month for Women

Women can succeed in the martial art of Leung Ting WingTsun® kung-fu. Whether or not the ‘creation story’ of the martial art of Wing Tsun having been invented by a woman who taught her teenaged female student is true, the concepts and techniques of Wing Tsun make it possible for a much weaker person to defend themselves in an assault by a much larger, stronger assailant.

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Students learn top notch self-defense skills

We first teach the foundation of great self defense skills. Footwork and basic hand skills that really work are taught early on.  They form the basis of the ability to stay on one’s feet if attacked, borrow an attacker’s force and move quickly out of the line of attack.

Unlike the other versions of Wing Chun coming from the Yip Man lineage, Leung Ting WingTsun® teaches applications on the ground as well as anti-grappling and applications against techniques from other fighting methods and weapons.  Unlike the other versions from the Yip Man lineage, Leung Ting WingTsun® teaches the footwork necessary to get out of the way of an attack and apply the concepts within the first few ranks. The realistic applications training is ongoing.

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