As a student of Wing Tsun kung-fu, you must start at the beginning. It is important to your understanding of Wing Tsun that Wing Tsun is not just a grab bag of techniques or ‘tricks.’

You can gather the ideas present in Wing Tsun by attending class, training hard in the principals and by reading the books by Great Grandmaster Leung Ting. This all takes time but the more you train and study the ideas, the faster this will come.

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WingTsun Holiday Special Intro

Take advantage of the Wing Tsun Martial Arts and Self Defense trial period discount. Try WingTsun™ Kung Fu for your first month for just $65, no obligation at our Gilbert, AZ location.  Offer expires 12/31/14. New students only.  Trial student may attend all three classes each week*. 

  • WingTsun training maintains fitness and works the smaller muscle groups for better balance, structure and body unity.
  • The WingTsun (Wing Chun) System is well known for its famous pupil, Bruce Lee and his teacher, Yip Man.
  • WingTsun™ is a fast, close range street-wise self-defense system which maximizes a smaller person’s chances in a real encounter.
Call me, Sifu Keith Sonnenberg at 480-668-9220 or e-mail me at or appointment to start.



Wing Tsun Arizona classes @ Ballet Etudes  2401 E. Baseline Rd.  #111  Gilbert, AZ  85234

Sun Mountain Martial Arts P.O. Box 5203 Mesa, AZ 85211-5203


*Regular month-to-month tuition is $100 EFT. 
Must be 18 unless accompanied by parent or guardian..

Minimum age to take classes, 14 years.

Martial arts classes in WingTsun Kung-Fu

Mon, Tues, and Thurs evenings inside Ballet Etudes School of Dance 2401 E. Baseline Rd. #111 Gilbert, AZ 85234

New Location Coming May 2, 2013

Our WingTsun Kung Fu classes are moving to B E School of Dance, 2401 E. Baseline Rd., #111 Gilbert, AZ 85234 on Thursday May 2, 2013.  This is 1/2 mile east of Gilbert Rd. on the south side of Baseline Rd. and right next to Simi’s restaurant.   Earlier start times will be in effect:  Monday 7:30 – 8:30 pm, Tuesday 7:30 – 8:30 pm, and Thursday 7:30 – 8: 30 pm!