At Wing Tsun Arizona, Gilbert, you learn from the ground up, almost literally. We teach Wing Tsun footwork, followed by the hands. Hands and feet must be coordinated. In southern Chinese kung-fu, stance and footwork play a very important role. In learning an art like Wing Tsun, you will start with setting-up of the basic stance. To remain standing, it makes sense that you would want to have great balance and a sturdy footing. If you are ever attacked, the importance of staying on your feet is obvious.

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What Makes WT Different?

WingTsun™ (pronounced ‘wing chun’) is also called Leung Ting WingTsun®. Many people call it ‘WT’ for short.

A student of WingTsun kung-fu that has reached the first few student grades can understand the differences in WingTsun from a technical point of view but how would he or she explain this to a friend?

Leung Ting, the Grandmaster of this version of the art of Ng Mui and late Grandmaster Yip Man, made certain aspects of his system his “technique trademarks” and footwork was the most important.

The popular culture and a few so-called martial art experts in the media have, in the past, pronounced the art of Yip Man as lacking in worthwhile footwork. Quite frankly, this might be true in lineages other than those of Leung Ting if those in that lineage do not actually TEACH the footwork in the system!

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