Understanding imitation

To find a good martial arts school it might be useful to understand imitation. If you are looking for a genuine Wing Tsun™ / Wing Chun school, you can help yourself by doing some research.  Check lineages.  Check history.  Check the writings, books, videos, and the geographic stretch of the organization behind the school.

Understanding imitation is part of being aware of schools that claim to teach everything under the sun.  If you can understand imitation and how the imitators go about it…,

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The manual for training for full-contact fights with Wing Tsun has been available for over 30 years. It is called Dynamic Wing Tsun Kung Fu by Grandmaster Leung Ting.  The book is, in part, a basic book for those interested in fighting applications and part training manual for winning a full contact ring fight. The book includes photos and short descriptions of 12 different fighters that won their fights in such countries as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Denmark and Yugoslavia in the early years of Grandmaster Leung Tings’s teaching career.

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You may attend a variety of martial arts schools these days. In some
towns and cities, the schools are on every block. However, relatively few teach
the higher Chinese skills on a routine basis. Usually very advanced skill-training
goes to only the most senior black-belt students. Most of the intermediate training
involves random sparring and forms. None of those long-range styles teach the
sticky hands handed down to them from Yip Man. In Leung Ting WingTsun®, sticky
hands is an intermediate skill.

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Wing Tsun Martial Arts Classes in Phoenix AZ

Special – New students may try Wing Tsun kung fu at our Gilbert Classes for $50 for the first month.

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You can contact Sifu Keith Sonnenberg for any additional details here:

-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg

To analyze martial arts effectiveness, first one must define whether it is important to be effective for participation in a sport as in tournaments or ring fighting or for self-defense. WingTsun™ is practiced as a self-defense system while offering a mental training that directs a student to the simplest solution in an encounter and improved overall confidence. Complex procedures have the effect of possibly failing in a real situation.

In a self-defense class, if you are taught to dissolve an arm grab by circling your arm in a clock wise direction for the right arm grab, are you really going to remember, in a panic situation, which arm grab requires clock-wise or counter-clock wise rotation? The WingTsun concept is to simply hit / kick your attacker. Complex procedures are time-consuming. Time is a critical element in all self-defense.

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You Need Wing Tsun

You need Wing Tsun for the most effective way to get benefit ‘mileage’ from a martial art. You do not have to learn 400 different, separate modes of movement unrelated to each other to learn complete self-defense. Under attack, a non-trained person can freeze. No movement – no action, just a victim for lack of learned automatic reactions. Fear creates this freeze reaction because the victim has learned no confidence, had no training, has mind-body conflicts because of inappropriate principals learned, or has no knowledge at all.

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What Makes WT Different?

WingTsun™ (pronounced ‘wing chun’) is also called Leung Ting WingTsun®. Many people call it ‘WT’ for short.

A student of WingTsun kung-fu that has reached the first few student grades can understand the differences in WingTsun from a technical point of view but how would he or she explain this to a friend?

Leung Ting, the Grandmaster of this version of the art of Ng Mui and late Grandmaster Yip Man, made certain aspects of his system his “technique trademarks” and footwork was the most important.

The popular culture and a few so-called martial art experts in the media have, in the past, pronounced the art of Yip Man as lacking in worthwhile footwork. Quite frankly, this might be true in lineages other than those of Leung Ting if those in that lineage do not actually TEACH the footwork in the system!

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Using the force of an attacker against him

The above illustration is a simple one to show an attacker who throws a straight-line punch is countered by the defender who turns with the power of his opponent’s punch while sticking with the punch. He does not turn himself. His attacker turns him. That force is used on the return right-handed punch.

Many arts claim that they can take advantage of an attacker’s force in a real fight. Most will explain techniques that will work in theory. In order to work, however, no matter what the method or style is, a defender has to have physical contact with the attacker. In Leung Ting WingTsun® , we seek to gain physical contact with the attacker at the earliest possible moment. The first moment of contact is usually made with the arms.

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Basic Skills Taught Here

We do not jump past or ignore basic skills training at Wing Tsun Arizona. Both men and women are taught the basic skills needed for self-defense and to enjoy the training. It is also very important for a student’s future abilities in learning the more glamorous aspects of the martial art of Wing Tsun. By glamorous, we mean the Sticky Hands and Wooden Dummy skills. Sooooo…

Explosive hands practice starts early with close range movements. You start moving your open hand or fist from zero to 40 miles per hour in a tiny fraction of a second in different types of drills. For this to work, it is important to take the relaxation concept of the first form seriously. Do the form slowly and gradually let the tension go in each upper body part, arms, shoulders, neck.

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Realistic Application of Force

There is a reason that large and strong persons are successful in judo, jiu jitsu, and wrestling. Size, weight and strength are big factors in winning. In martial sports, a level playing field is important for the sport. Spectators and players alike want it to be difficult. What would be interesting or fun about matching a 275 pound, six foot – six inch tall competitor against a five foot- five inch 120 pound competitor when all training and rules are the same for both competitors? It would be a wipe out in a few minutes at best and the outcome is predictable. Therefore sporting event organizers generally do not set up this kind of event. Rules, weight, size and other factors are all matched as evenly as possible.

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