Martial arts exercises are a big step up in what the body requires for health over just doing repetitive exercise programs involving calisthenics, weight lifting, walking, running, etc. Martial arts movement requires a mind-body commitment and connection and there is a big payoff. There is less boredom when one’s program is varied. Also, recent research has indicated that different speeds and different movements within a session have a more beneficial effect on overall fitness.

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The Brain on Wing Tsun

The brain on Wing Tsun is about creating ‘muscle memory’ and is therefore a true mind-body exercise.The traumatic brain injury of Arizona U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords in 2011 caused by a bullet to the head  highlighted some of the medical knowledge advances born out of soldier injuries during the two wars our country has recently been through. Rehabilitation from brain injuries apparently involves repeated movements that cause the human brain to create new areas that can take over for damaged ones to perform old tasks. According to CBS news, the soldier-patients undergoing the rehabilitation called progress “challenging.” The fact that it is challenging doesn’t take away the fact of their remarkable progress.

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A Fortune Cookie

Remember when the fortune cookies that we got after a meal at a Chinese restaurant had the silly sayings inside them and seemed to be meaningless entertainment?  I believe that most still are.  However I have had a recent run of good sayings inside these little deserts. 

The latest is:  “Attention is the mother of memory.”

How true this is.  If we want to remember something, we have to pay attention. All too often in this speeded-up culture we are not paying attention and we forget a lot. 

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Intention with SNT

The mental and physical health benefits of regular WingTsun™ training go beyond heart rate, respiration, muscle tone and confidence.  The WingTsun system fits in with the characteristics of several other “internal” martial arts. Many internal martial arts spend a great deal of time developing the internal energy. This is a worthwhile pursuit…

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In order to defeat an attacker, Wing Tsun students have to train to do something at odds with one’s natural inclinations and that is to use no resistance at all in an attack. The attacker expects resistance but gets none. What he gets is empty space or what GGM Leung Ting calls a void. WingTsun is not the only martial art that has used this strategy but it is the only one to focus on the defeat of an attacker to this degree and conform to such logic.

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