You Need Wing Tsun

You need Wing Tsun for the most effective way to get benefit ‘mileage’ from a martial art. You do not have to learn 400 different, separate modes of movement unrelated to each other to learn complete self-defense. Under attack, a non-trained person can freeze. No movement – no action, just a victim for lack of learned automatic reactions. Fear creates this freeze reaction because the victim has learned no confidence, had no training, has mind-body conflicts because of inappropriate principals learned, or has no knowledge at all.

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Wing Tsun: Original Self-Defense

WingTsun™ is the martial art that has not changed to a sporting event in modern times. It is not a spectator sport. It is designed to be more efficient and able to use the force of an attacker against them while striking, punching and kicking. WingTsun has a step-by-step training system developed over a 300 year period since its inception when legend says it was developed by a woman from earlier Siu Lam Monastery techniques. WingTsun also retains the health building breathing and joint exercise movements from the earlier times. Modern practitioners use WingTsun practice to stay active and healthy into old age.

 WingTsun™ vs. other martial arts

One of the most important differences between Leung Ting WingTsun® and other martial arts is the idea of DIRECT versus INDIRECT…

This concept is related to the straight-line / center line concept and so I must explain this concept first in order to make the DIRECT versus INDIRECT concept clearer. In WingTsun, we always attack and simultaneously defend with the center line in mind. The center line is the shortest straight-line. While our WingTsun fighter is guarding this line 100% of the time, our attacker is forced to go around the center line defenses to try and grab or hit our WingTsun fighter.

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Character Sun Thrusting Punch with partners…

WingTsun™ is a way to Functional Fitness

Do you have trouble jumping onto the treadmill and hoofing it for 30 minutes?  Do you have trouble dropping to the floor and doing 20 push-ups?  How about ten arm curls with each arm with a 25 pound dumbbell on a Sunday afternoon?  Would you feel strange or afraid stepping onto a floor with a lot of screaming dudes in white uniforms lunge punching with blood-curdling intensity?

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