Wooden dummies in Chinese martial arts have a long history. Some think the idea goes back to the Shaolin monastery where they designed a series of spring-loaded dummies for the “Shaolin wooden dummy hall.” This was the final graduation site for a “fighting monk.” The person being tested was to move through a hall with the dummies hidden in the walls. Steps on the floor would cause the spring-loaded dummies to fly out with limbs attacking the person being tested. Nice story. Who knows the truth, however?

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A martial arts dummy might be an important piece of gear, depending on what style of martial arts you train in. It is amazing how extensive the selection is today. The variations run the gamut from a plastic molded image of a man from the waist up, to a dummy to practice holds and locks on, to a wooden or plastic trunk with arms sticking out of it.

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We have all seen the offers and videos to sell a martial arts dummy or give away martial arts dummy instruction. There are many versions of martial arts dummies on the market. Some of these altered versions of the original ancient devices may have some benefit to a user if the user is realistic enough to know that this small device is not going to turn them into a master of martial arts overnight. The Chinese martial arts dummy has seen alterations from the original wooden construction to plastic, composites and even metal.

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Not a whole lot of training equipment is needed at first in martial arts training but companies like Asian World of Martial Arts, Wing Lam Enterprises, Martial Arts Mart, Tiger Claw, Kwon, Century and others do supply a huge array of equipment and have been in business for years if not decades.

For Wing Tsun equipment:

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Martial Arts Training Dummy

One of the most interesting pieces of training equipment in the martial arts is the martial arts training dummy. It almost seems like an obvious training device but there were few such training dummies in existence in the 1960s and 70s when I started in the martial arts!

Along came Bruce Lee and his modified Wing Chun wooden dummy with the metal leg and the rush was on. Numerous manufactures tried making similar devices. Some were just a set of arms coming out of a mounted plate on the wall. Others were full dummies. Read more

Wing Tsun has All the Elements for Your Success

Wing Tsun has all the elements for your success in life and the martial arts if one chooses to mine the benefits. What comes first? Your patience in learning or your learning to be patient? Thus we have a seemingly eternal chicken or the egg type of question.

Some martial arts instructors, in an effort to appease new students who do not initially possess the attributes necessary to learn something that requires patience, fill their curriculum with a fair amount of ‘fluff.’ Nothing wrong with having fun but, we believe, not at the expense of the student’s understanding the material and their ultimate success with their training.

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Basic Skills Taught Here

We do not jump past or ignore basic skills training at Wing Tsun Arizona. Both men and women are taught the basic skills needed for self-defense and to enjoy the training. It is also very important for a student’s future abilities in learning the more glamorous aspects of the martial art of Wing Tsun. By glamorous, we mean the Sticky Hands and Wooden Dummy skills. Sooooo…

Explosive hands practice starts early with close range movements. You start moving your open hand or fist from zero to 40 miles per hour in a tiny fraction of a second in different types of drills. For this to work, it is important to take the relaxation concept of the first form seriously. Do the form slowly and gradually let the tension go in each upper body part, arms, shoulders, neck.

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Wooden Dummy Techniques of WingTsun Kung-fu

The wooden dummy (Muk-Yan Chong) is one of the features of WingTsun™ kung – fu that has made the art famous.  Bruce Lee was a famous user of the wooden dummy as a training tool.  It was again featured in the recent “Ip Man” movies.

The wooden dummy training has been applied in different ways according to the interpretations of the individual trainee and Wing Tsun, Wing Chun or Ving Tsun lineage.  Some want to use it to build strength and toughness in the forearms and legs.  Some use it in the context of a martial art other than that of Yip Man.

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