One overlooked benefit of Wing Tsun training is the physical dexterity you can develop with regular training. In the process of learning kicks, punches and footwork, the drills that Wing Tsun is famous for work the joints in flexibility and strength. Wrist circles and stance circles are numerous in the training. They are designed to work around an attacker’s limbs in an economical way. In other words, the distance is short around an attacker’s limbs. We do not take the longer path.

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Option for joint health

Health and medical authorities say that joint exercise may delay the onset of arthritis symptoms. Our Siu Nim Tau form of WingTsun kung-fu contains 23 wrist circles which, when done properly, also work the elbow and the shoulder. Our turning stance gently works the ankles and knees. Our postures work against the excessive lower back curvatures.