The Body is the Self Defense Weapon

the body is the self defense weapon

The Body is the Self Defense Weapon

In Wing Tsun, the body is the self defense weapon. It is a practical idea. Wing Tsun practitioners can use the whole body moving horizontally as the weapon or the hands, forearms, shoulders, knees, shins, feet, or side of the body as a self defense weapon. Normally the closest part of the body is the tool to do damage to one’s attacker. In the above photo, attacker B on the right, tried to grab and twist the defender, A’s arm. Defender A was not rigid but rather flexible enough to dissolve his attacker’s force …and dispense with his grapple while simultaneously stepping in for the hit against attacker B’s chest. The hands, feet, knees, elbows and shoulders all come into play. The most advanced form, Biu Tze, has a sophisticated elbow-counterattacking concept.

Students learn to use the knee striking and defense against other knee attacks at the 5th SG rank. The knee is certainly a very powerful weapon should you be attacked. The intermediate form, Chum Kiu, has elbow and knee striking methods and so a students learn the applications at this stage.

Students learn to kick as well although we do not attack targets above the waist as is this deemed too high to be fast enough. It also compromised balance which is a very critical factor in real life self defense.

-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg

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