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The question I get all the time is how do you hit something and not get hurt yourself? The short answer is “practice.”

The longer answer is a phrase used by the Grandmaster: you must “get rid of your own force.” This means that you must relax and not tie up energy inside you. When you tie up force inside you, you become tense and then you stay that way. The three steps are below.

If you can get rid of your own force, you would break a brick or break an attacker. When energy leaves your arm and does not bounce back into it, the brick is broken and not your fist!

We do not break bricks or stones in Wing Tsun. That is not our way. The motto is, in stages of learning:

  1. Get rid of your own force (practice the straight punch and wrist circle).
  2. Get rid of your attacker’s force by deflecting, evading, or dissolving it.
  3. Borrow your attacker’s force.

-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg

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