Time and Place

It is said that WingTsun™ can be used at “any time and any place.”  It is true. WingTsun techniques or its principals can be used at any time or any place. One does not have to get into a low stance first or even draw the hand back for a full long bridge punch. The adduction of the character-two stance allows a defender to maintain balance, even on slippery surfaces without sacrificing mobility. Moving forward in a WingTsun advancing step does not require one foot to be placed in front of the other.

Either the left foot OR the right foot continually pulls the body forward without the need to change feet. The absence of high kicks does not detract from its self-defense capabilities.  On the contrary, this enhances its effectiveness. High kicks expose the user of such kicks to swift and deadly counter-attacks and so you won’t be countered in this way using WingTsun! Simple movements like these minimize the creation of weaknesses in the defense. Small movements allow defense even in very confined spaces. WingTsun does not sacrifice power effectiveness with its close-range punching and striking. WingTsun elbows and knees have a whole set of concepts of their own, a whole sub-set of techniques based on the same principals as hand techniques.

WingTsun can therefore be practiced at any time and any place.  Not a lot of space is required for practice.  Much of WingTsun’s effectiveness is in the small but deadly hand techniques but also its compact footwork, allowing a practitioner to move out of the way without taking a single step!

We have a great climate in Arizona and can therefore practice WingTsun under a blue sky or the stars at night. We recommend practicing WingTsun in street clothes whenever possible so that you are wearing the same clothes in which you might have to use WingTsun. Also, practicing WingTsun wherever you find yourself is a good policy and according to the WingTsun way, “any time and any place.”

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