Use your brain, train your body

WingTsun™ is a mind-body exercise in addition to being a first line of defense if you are ever attacked. Unarmed self-defense is ready to go. It could be too late to reach for a weapon and the weapon can be taken away from you by the attacker. WingTsun trains your mind and body to react in an appropriate way according to the threat. We as human beings are not born with the same instincts as animals not or we trained by our parents from birth to defend ourselves like in the animal kingdom. Sharp claws and enormous strength are not something we are born with.  These attributes, along with fighting skills have to be trained.

It is never too late to acquire some of these skills.  WingTsun training is where the rubber meets the road in that we use ‘sticky hands’ – that is we train your arm to arm contact to feel your attacker’s intentions at the same moment as your attacker to reduce the time it takes to defend.  So canny are the reflexes that are developed with this method that ‘sticky hands’ has been imitated (never duplicated) by other martial arts.  Sticky hands or chi sau (chee sow) as it is known in China extends this skill to the legs, shoulders, knees and elbows to make your whole body into a hidden weapon of self-defense.

At the same time, this kind of training keeps your mind agile and sharp, your body flexible, and your reflexes quick. 

WingTsun skills are taught to students in stages.  Basic footwork skills are vital and so they are taught first.  Chi sau is the stage after first contact with your attacker.  Consequently WingTsun teaches a phase of fighting at a much closer range that other skill-based martial arts where a great a majority of people cannot cope and without the correct footwork, are helpless to create the same technical prowess as WingTsun students.

– Sifu Keith Sonnenberg