Wing Tsun and Reality

Wing Tsun and reality can mean different things to different people. Those investigating martial arts training these days hear a lot about reality self-defense training. The reality is that reality self-defense training can mean different things to different people. The real reality is that whether you are training for self-defense or health or fitness, the clothes and shoes that you wear can affect the techniques of any martial art. It is useful to realize that if you are attacked in real life, it most likely will not be with your WingTsun™ uniform or shoes on! If you want to be realistic, you would then just get out of bed in the morning and start practicing with whatever you happen to have on at the time and on whatever floor surface presents itself!

If you think that your technique has been satisfactory at class and that your Wing Tsun and reality are one and the same, try it when you are least prepared. This will give you an idea as to whether the techniques are truly in your muscle memory or not.

A realistic approach would dictate that you practice on cement, on tile, on linoleum, on grass, etc. Try applying the principals of the footwork on these various surfaces. You will learn a lot just by doing this! I hope it raises questions because then you are on the road to expanding your thought process from the seemingly simple things we show you and their phenomenal range of uses.

Another approach is environmental. That is, try practicing and visualizing attacks in a confined area, in an unusual circumstance or environment.

Consider the concepts and techniques of WingTsun and then imagine using the self-defense techniques of ANY OTHER common martial art and imagine if they would work.

One environmental approach is to live your life practicing WingTsun principals. Here’s an example: You are working in an office and have more to get finished that you have time for. Use the WingTsun footwork to move about the office. Do not worry about the hands. Use your hands to carry paper, work at the computer and answer the phone. You will find the footwork to be efficient and you’ll keep the techniques in your consciousness at the same time. Examples: use the advancing step, then a circling step to move around objects. Turn using the 180-degree turning technique on the center of your feet, first one foot then the other in sequence.

Now think about hand technique: The WingTsun gum sau can be used to answer the phone. The palm strike or the side-ward palm can be used to close the filing cabinets. You get the idea. Visualization is a factor in every professional athlete’s life. The practical techniques of WingTsun can be applied to any motor movement. WingTsun is not just a self-defense technique. It is likely to improve your physical relationship with the world around you.

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