Wing Tsun has All the Elements for Your Success

Wing Tsun has all the elements for your success in life and the martial arts if one chooses to mine the benefits. What comes first? Your patience in learning or your learning to be patient? Thus we have a seemingly eternal chicken or the egg type of question.

Some martial arts instructors, in an effort to appease new students who do not initially possess the attributes necessary to learn something that requires patience, fill their curriculum with a fair amount of ‘fluff.’ Nothing wrong with having fun but, we believe, not at the expense of the student’s understanding the material and their ultimate success with their training.

Some schools jump the gun and teach advanced ideas very early. Learning advanced concepts in martial arts is really no different than learning advanced academics before the basics of education. This method can result in poor performance because the student does not possess the basic attributes to make it work. There is far more to martial arts training than mimicking movements seen on a video or seen being done by an instructor.

The curriculum at Leung Ting WingTsun® schools is logical partly because it is based on the time honored basic, intermediate and advanced skills learning path. This is the advantage of a traditional martial arts curriculum. Leung Ting WingTsun® in particular has a carefully constructed curriculum designed to give a student very effective and practical self-defense skills that they can handle very early (which is an ethically responsible thing to do) and at the same time, teach the traditional basic form of Siu Nim Tau which teaches patience, correct positioning and mental focus.

In various places on the internet, you will see sensational claims and efforts to impart advanced concepts of the Yip Man or other branches and lineages, teaching either in person or online. You might see ‘wooden dummy applications’ taught without any basic instruction, sticky hands being ‘taught’ online and other intermediate and advanced material. This approach normally results in no actual application benefit to a beginning student. In addition, this kind of instruction is often completely misunderstood by practitioners of other styles. It can even ruin a follower’s perception of the art and their learning of valid self-defense.

At the same time, our Grandmaster Leung Ting is not bound by tradition at the expense of no improvement. Our martial art has been under continuous development and change since its inception after the burning of the southern Shaolin Monastery a few hundred years ago. Many readers by now have studied variants of this history and how the standard versions have come into question but that is another story! Wing Tsun’s very reason for its existence is its role as a change from tradition. It has evolved as a non-traditional, traditional martial art.

– Sifu Keith Sonnenberg

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